How to Buy Fish Like Bobby Flay

The super chef shares his tips for picking out fish and telling if fish is fresh.

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[NOISE] Okay, we're cooking red snapper and of course it can be more difficult when cooking a whole fish. Who here will not eat a whole fish? [CROSSTALK] Because why? Ma'am? The eyes [INAUDIBLE] You don't like what? You don't like to see the head? [CROSSTALK] You don't like looking at the head? I don't like it looking at me. You don't like it looking at you? [LAUGH] Trust me it's not looking at you anymore. [LAUGH] When you go to the store, you have to be very friendly with your fish monger. They can change your life. You know get to know, he or she at your local fish store, ask them what's good and what's fresh You hear very often about how to look for it. If you watch the Food Network, they say it on every single cooking show. They're cooking fish, when you're looking for fresh fish, the eyes, I don't know who I was trying to be, but you don't want the eyes to be cloudy. The gills have to be red. Okay. Beyond all of that Look at the fish. You have to take some personal interest in this. Look at the fish. [LAUGH] And if that fish looks fresh, it probably is. And if that fish looks tired, [LAUGH] it's probably tired. And that's the truth. You gotta get a feel for it, and there's no substitute for experience. You'll have some bad experiences, but then the next time you won't have a bad experience. [LAUGH] At your fishmonger. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Buy Fish Like Bobby Flay