How to Breakdown Artichokes

Chef Michael Tusk shares tips for buying and cooking fresh fish.

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[MUSIC] So the first step in this process is just to take these outer leaves of the artichoke off. Normally I advise wearing a plastic Gloves so, you don't have a bitter-tasting hand the rest of the day. But, for now, I'm just gonna clean up without the glove and get them down to around here. Just cut this off. Cut it around here. This is all garbage or you could save some of the leaves and make a large stalk, if you wanted. I'm just gonna cut the stem off. For the stems, I'm going to simply look at the white part of the artichoke. That's how far down I wanna go into, cuz that's what's tender. The outer part's is gonna be a little tough and bitter. I'm just gonna hold it. Lot of people throw the stems out. I really like them. I think they're tender. It'll also provide us with some nice contrast. with the bottoms, the shapes of the artichokes as they cook. So, you got the artichoke bottom. and I simply hold the artichoke in my hand like this, and I'm going to turn it to get rid of this green. And I'm just going to trim the, Trim out the artichoke bottoms. Just hold it in your hands like this. Simply turn. Have a garbage can ready to get rid of all this. [MUSIC]
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How to Breakdown Artichokes