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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] I'm Whitney Wright, and I am here at the Barnsley resort. It is just outside of Atlanta and one of the fabulous properties that's a part of the Southern Living Hotel Collection. And this weekend, we are going on a quail hunt. [SOUND] All right, great warmup. Should we load up and get out in the fields? Let's do it. [MUSIC] So, we are in the field. This is my husband, Will. He is joining us to make sure we have enough quail. Awesome. For dinner. [LAUGH] Awesome. [LAUGH] When the pointers go on point, Raven here is gonna actually come in and she's gonna flush the birds up for us. So that'll, she'll make them fly up [INAUDIBLE]. Yep they'll fly up and she'll actually go get them once you shoot them down. This is why they're called retrievers. Retriever. Exactly. Go it. [MUSIC] Here! [SOUND] Back. Go. [SOUND] So we got six? We got six. Not bad. So we're gonna go pick them up? Sounds good. Are you gonna be there? I'm gonna be there. Okay good. Good. [LAUGH] Alright let's go. [MUSIC] And we're going to do a real quickly marinated grilled quail with a warm kale salad, it has a warm bacon dressing, and then some hotcakes. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Hotel Collection Barnsley Resort