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[MUSIC] My best hangover cure would definitely be a glass of champagne. I think anything through a juicer with fresh vegetables, Ahh. Unless you wanna go to sleep then you just ultimately get the most fattiest Fried food you ever want. Then you sleep your hangover away. Tamales House is always the old school favorite just for cheap breakfast tacos. You could do the duo of Houndstooth and Taco Deli. If you really want to be a glutton for punishment, maybe go stand in line at Franklin's and drink some bloody Mary's. Mimosas and get some greasy barbecue at 11. [UNKNOWN] from Contigo. My girlfriend's spicy enchiladas. Best tip for a hangover cure is not to drink. I haven't had a sip of alcohol in 22 years and I've been hangover free. That being said, when I was drinking, I was drinking to great excess and I will tell you the perfect hangover cure is more booze. [MUSIC]
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Hangover Cures