Chefs Feed: Go Inside Opening Night at BDK

Here's an inside look at chef Heather Terhune's new San Francisco spot, BDK, which offers modern American classics and comfort food.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Hello. 4 o clock just for the both. Kitchen opens at 5. Yeah, it's our house's old fashioned! Equal parts cognac and Ben Williams. It's a good 4 o clock drink. I need menus! I have no menus. Kinko's was supposed to give them to us by four, [INAUDIBLE] so we will have them by 5. Four o'clock, I mean I didn't expect that. Just going down too easy. Like wow, this place is gonna be packed. Oh yeah, we have a lot of people here already. I'm emotional today. It's a big day. Hopefully I don't cry. Are you guys excited? [APPLAUSE] It's our first day of opening, guys. We are up to actually 48 covers. Everything is nicely spread out. We're gonna have issues but nothing that we can't handle, right? Ready. All right, one, two, three. [NOISE] One, two, three. [NOISE] One, two, three. [NOISE] Welcome in. How are you? Good evening, how are you? Welcome to BBK. All right, we need micro [INAUDIBLE]. Hello ladies. Make a few right over there. Fantastic. Any of these tables are bar, as well. So wherever you care to sit. Fire popcorn. Fire deviled eggs. Ladies and gentlemen, how you doing this evening? Four or we gonna add two more? Nope, nope, nope. Everyone's gonna practice their piping skills. You're looking for a job, our chef is busy right now. Do you have a resume? Fire burger, medium rare. Now the menu, I don't know if you've had, obviously you haven't been in before, tonight's our first night for opening. Fire a pop tarts. What's burning? You check the pop tarts. I made this here. You want a reservation with us? This is garbage. We always recommend making reservations but if you want I know you guys have had some drinks at the bar, did you get a chance to look at the menu? Short ribs, solo. What table is the Kenton family sitting on? There table is small, so let's send the pirogues or the spaghetti first. Who rang this in? Seat numbers [CROSSTALK] Cuz Tim, I don't know who Tim is [CROSSTALK]. Enjoy your evening. So I think actually that is the last of all the food food so just dessert. Don't throw anything away just in case they get a late ticket. There was like 130 covers tonight in the dinning room that's good. Nice! Yeah! Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow. See? Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Everybody is going to be here? You have to be here! Thank you! Bye!
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Chefs Feed: Go Inside Opening Night at BDK