Gail Simmons & Andrew Zimmern: Sharing Meals with Dead People

Gail Simmons & Andrew Zimmern discuss cooking for séances and Indonesian funerals.

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[MUSIC] I did have to cook for ghosts recently. And went to a seance where the medium Was channeling dead people around us and our ancestors, my grandmother apparently was present and vaguely disappointed with my meal. So that was sort of odd. Was this at your house? No, no, it was for work. It was not, just like Saturday night at the [UNKNOWN] It's funny, I'll go with, I'll stick with the death theme. Okay, perfect. The [UNKNOWN], it's a death culture and I've shared meals with dead people who are in the house still. Right. Because in [UNKNOWN] the, if you're, a relative passes, they're not dead yet, they're just sick. Until you can afford the funeral, called a rambu solo- Yes, I've seen Indonesian funerals. Hundreds of people have to attend, so to save face, until you can afford the funeral, they're not dead, they're just sick. And you keep feeding them and buying them cigarettes and putting little glasses of sparkling water by the body that is just there. That's composing. Yeah, and to be invited to the home and to be sharing and you look over to them and they say "Pass Grandma the ketchup." Which really happens. I didn't feel another unworldly presence. I just felt really, really uncomfortable. Yeah, super creeped out. Super creeped out. [MUSIC]
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Gail Simmons & Andrew Zimmern: Sharing Meals with Dead People