Gail Simmons & Andrew Zimmern: The Best Savory Foods

From bitter greens to dill pickle chips, these are bitter, sour and salty foods Gail and Andrew love.

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[MUSIC] Savory. Are you a salt, sour, bitter? Where do you go? I mean, I will take them all, I really will. But, the truth is. I'm the salt-sour combination. Yeah. I mean like, the dill pickle, to me, is the perfect food because it has both of those things. In equal portion. Or corn beef. Or corn beef. Yeah. Totally. I'm into bitter sour kind of thing. Yeah, I get that. Like what? What's your favorite craving snatcher that really, when you have a bitter sour craving what do you go for? Oh God. I know this is gonna sound really awful but it's all the bitter lettuce stuff. No, that's good. And I know that I'm sort of Famous for not doing that, but I keep a lot of vegetables and lettuces Mm-Hm. like that in the refrigerator all the time. Breaking news, Andrew Zimmern eats vegetables. I eat vegetables. The bitter thing, well cause my wife, I get the finger wag at home and Then she makes Lipitor jokes. Right. Its hard for me to not eat potato chips. Yep. Anytime of day. Right. Where do you stand on vinegar salt potato chips? Number one. Number one. Number one. Number one of all time favorite flavor ever made. Do you do dill pickle potato chips? I'm Canadian. We are really big on [CROSSTALK]. Tomato potato chips. Yeah, ketchup chips. The whole thing. Ketchup chips, Canada has the best, what they call everything, they call it all dressed potato chips. Yes, yes. Which is like the everything bagel, but in a potato chip. [MUSIC]
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Gail Simmons & Andrew Zimmern: The Best Savory Foods