FWx Beer Hacks: Will a Sodastream Save a Flat Beer?

Can a Sodastream recarbonate a flat beer? Let's find out.

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I'm Ethan Fixell and this is FWX Beer Hacks. Now, let's pretend that last night, you opened a bottle of beer and failed to finish it. Whew, I'm getting palpitations just thinking about that. That is sacrilege! Well, you can't just dump that flat beer out. It's still beer! So, what if there were a way to re-carbonate that sucker? Perhaps with a SodaStream? [LAUGH] Well we've all seen the warnings. Do not use product for anything other than for making carbonated water or soda. So what I'm about to try is certainly not condoned by the SodaStream brand, but I am gonna try it. I will however, respect another of their rules. Carbonating bottle must be properly in place before operating appliance. Otherwise you're sure to have a beer-splosion all over your floor. That's because CO2 bubbles form at tiny irregularities called nucleation sites. Usually, soda bubbles start out in microscopic scratches along the bottle's surface. But any additional suspended particles, such as tea, fruit, sugar, or beer proteins, will act as additional nucleation sites. So if you fail to seal the bottle to the machine, all the excess CO2 will force the liquid out. That's why we're going to be transferring the flat beer into the carbonating bottle. With the bottle locked into place, we're going to give it one pump of CO2. Spritzy. You might to very slowly allow the excess gas to leak out. Otherwise you could end up like a contestant at a spring break wet tee shirt contest. [SOUND] That's as good as new. Still, like my eighth grade health teacher taught me, prevention is the best cure. A vacuum wine pump and rubber stops will definitely prevent some of the CO2 loss, but it might draw some out in the process. Your best bet for keeping your brew fresh, is a reuseable silicon rubber bottle cap. Invest in a couple of those and you can save your Soda Stream for making sweet, delicious soda.
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FWx Beer Hacks: Will a Sodastream Save a Flat Beer?