FWx Beer Hacks: How to Save a Frozen Beer

FWx’s resident beer guy Ethan Fixell has the one strategy you can follow to make the best out of a frozen beer.

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I'm Ethan Fixell, and this is FWX beer hacks. Hopefully by now you've learned that the fastest way to chill a bottle of beer is with an upside down can of compressed air, as I showed you in the last episode. But beer should never ever be put in the freezer to cool it down because A, the bottle could actually explode, and B, freezing it will actually alter the molecular structure of the beverage's protein. Thus giving it a weird mouth feel. It can also negatively impact carbonation and even kill off the yeast in some bottle conditioned brews. Theoretically if you did happen to put a beer in the freezer to chill it down for a couple of moments, only to remember it hours later, you can salvage that beer and this is not how to do it. [MUSIC] Believe it or not, other than denaturing the proteins which might cause some unsightly flakes and perhaps some odd mouth feel I spoke of earlier, extreme cold will not ruin the beer. It's actually the cycling of cold to warm to cold to warm that compromises the beer's integrity. Heat can accelerate oxidation Or oxygen's effect on the beer which can cause papery cardboard type flavors that you definitely don't want. So if your beer does freeze, make sure to thaw it in the fridge or consume it as soon as it thaws to drinking temperature so as not to subject it to further fluctuations. Follow that rule, and you should be just fine. Honey do we have any unfrozen beer? [BLANK_AUDIO]
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FWx Beer Hacks: How to Save a Frozen Beer