FWx Beer Hacks: The Fastest Way to Chill a Beer

Our resident beer guy Ethan Fixell has a trick that will cool your beer down in just seconds. Watch him work.

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Hi guys, I'm Ethan Fixell, and this is FWX Beer Hacks. Question for you. What is worse than coming home after a long tiring day to nothing but a home full of warm beer? Yeah, nothing, except for maybe a zombie apocalypse. Now we all know the towel method, right? You take the warm beer, you wrap it in some wet paper towels, pop it in the freezer for 8 to 15 minutes, And boom, you've got a cold beer. But who has 8 to 15 minutes when you're dying from thirst? I don't. I could be dead by then. With a fairly common household tool, you can actually chill a bottle of warm beer in under 30 seconds. All you need is a can of compressed air. Canned air is actually made up of gases that are compressed until they convert to fluid form. There's a pocket of gas at the top of the can that lets the gas come out. But when the can is turned upside down, the liquid will actually come out of the nozzle before it has a chance to convert back into a gas. [NOISE] Gee. When spread out onto another surface, the liquid will evaporate very quickly thus drawing heat out of it's surroundings. In other words, this bottle is going to be cold. But before I do a demonstration some quick disclaimers. The following demonstration goes against the warnings on this can so please perform at your own risk. Never pour this in an unventilated area. Afterwards don't drink the beer directly from the bottle unless you want to taste a bitter, bitter chemical. And finally, this method is not environmentally friendly or financially practical so use it in emergencies only. And with that said, let's give this a try. [MUSIC] [SOUND] As you can see frost is forming all over the bottle. That's cold. Cheers. Oh brain freeze.
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FWx Beer Hacks: The Fastest Way to Chill a Beer