FWx Beer Hacks Episode 1

In this first episode of FWx Beer Hacks, our resident beer expert Ethan Fixell has got you covered with four easy ways to pop the top off your bottle. Learn them, love them and drink up.

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Hey guys I'm Ethan Fixell, and this is FWX beer hacks. While I've seen a lot of guys on the internet try to open up bottles with all types of crazy stuff like machetes and guns. I wanna try to show you how you can do this at home or at party with everyday normal stuff. Okay, cause you're not Rambo unless Sylvester Stallone is watching and in which case Hey Sali. You should have stopped at the Expendibles 2. The first untraditional way to open a bottle of beer that I'm going to show you today is with something that almost everybody has. It's a lighter. This method is all about leverage, so you want to hold the bottle as firmly as you can, push the **** of the lighter up against the glass, right under the rim of the The cap and you're gonna push down on the lighter while pushing your pointer finger up. Right. [SOUND] There you go. Still works too. Another tool you probably always have lying around are keys. Though, if you're drinking, hopefully they're not car keys. Stay in school. What you can do is you can use the key to lift up the ridges of the bottlecap. When I do this, you might even be able to hear a little gas escape. Not from me, from the bottle. [SOUND] Ooh, sorry. Once you've gotten enough ridges up, it should come up nice and easy. [SOUND] There we go. [LAUGH] Cheers! If you're anything like me you definitely have this next tool lying around. Another beer, I have a problem. Using another beer to open a bottle is a lot like the lighter method. You wanna turn this bottle upside down and match the ridges of both bottle caps together. Using the second beer as a lever you wanna do the exact same thing as you did with the lighter. Whoa! [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Last but not least we've got the old dollar bill trick but I like to use a 20 cuz I'm rich. What you wanna do is you wanna fold this dollar over as many times as you possibly can making it into a tight Little strip. Once you have that strip, you're going to fold it over and make it into a nice little Pac Man thing. Sorry. Grab the bottle tightly with your hand as I did earlier, use the folded over bill as leverage, and pop that little sucker off. Almost killed somebody. That's all I got, guys. Hopefully you enjoyed the video and were able to learn something too. Cheers. Oh that was not good.
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FWx Beer Hacks Episode 1