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[MUSIC] I think of red as fire. Fire to me is about a passion, a desire. My name is Alan Wong, I'm the chef owner of Alan Wong's restaurants. The biggest award that we received was being recognized as number 8 in America, by Gourmet Magazine. One of my goals is to give our guests what I call a true slice of Hawaii. Trying to serve them things we've grown on our land. Fresh fish from our ocean. So when you come to Hawaii we want you to eat Hawaii the quick definition of Hawaii regional cuisine it's a contemporary style of cooking in Hawaii today. That borrows from all of the ethnic influences you find in Hawaii. Today we're making a dish called Chunky Tartar Mahi. It's an Ahi Poke served with avocado salsa, some wanton chips and some chili pepper soar cream. Poke literally means cubed, so you will see fish cubed up. Tossed, it's like a salad. Today it's evolved into a whole international type of appetizer, and they're getting very very creative with cooking. I think the local people in Hawaii love to eat. People plan their days around when they're gonna eat. Eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My advice to visitors, get out into the community and not be afraid of trying different things. That's where the real culture is. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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FW July 2013 Hawaii Video for Android