Frozen Whipped Cream

This supereasy whipped cream hack is the sweetest addition to hot chocolate.

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Don't you hate it when the whipped cream in your hot chocolate melts too quickly? I know I do but don't worry. I have a solution and that solution is frozen whipped cream. [MUSIC] So I've whipped some cream here and I'm going to go ahead and spread it on a foil lined baking sheet. And now I'm gonna go ahead and use an offset spatula and you're gonna wanna spread it into a half inch thick layer. Smear it all around. Spread it. And just go ahead and smooth the top. Just like that. It's looking good. We're gonna go ahead and pop this in the freezer. It's gonna take about an hour. We just wanna make sure it's nice and firm And here we go. All right, it's been about an hour, my whipped cream is nice and frozen. Check this out, you can hear it. And we're just gonna cut it out. [MUSIC] Check that out, my little whipped-cream star. I'm gonna put it right on top of my hot chocolate [MUSIC]
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Frozen Whipped Cream