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[MUSIC] Fresno is just to our south, and where we're standing is in Madeira, California. The slogan of Madeira is "The Heart of California". [MUSIC] The fine dining, just the agro tourism that's here. We have wine tasting, fresh figs, not only figs but produce. It's really an amazing place to live. [MUSIC] Hi my name is Kevin Herman and I farm in the San Joaquin valley We own a company called The Specialty Crop Company, and we specialize in growing crops that are just that. Figs are our main crop, and it most certainly fits the bill of being something that's unique to California and the San Joaquin Valley. And we're employing new growing techniques, and with each and every passing year we're gaining a little bit of ground. Towards getting to having fresh figs on a year around basis. A fresh fig has kind of a creamy type of consistency to it on the flesh on the inside. Dry figs on the other hand when they dry down, it's still all the same components and flavors, but their more concentrated. At the same time a little savory. The Vineyard Restaurant is a special location in Madeira County for me. Chris Mariscotti, the owner of the restaurant, great personal friend. We enjoy and have a passion, actually, for food and wine. We use a lot of fresh products from here in the San Joaquin Valley and Madeira County in particular. We're blessed with all kinds of beautiful Produce and wine and vegetables and fruit and we try and we incorporate those in our cooking as much as possible. Figs are an incredibly diverse fruit. You can eat them whole for fresh. You can slice them up for fresh and grill em or cook em. Use them as ingredients. I love using figs in a dish as the main ingredient or the focal point of whatever that course is that I'm eating. And a glass of chardonnay and life's pretty good. [MUSIC] California farmers as a whole tend to be passionate folks. Not just only our passion but our employee's passions that help to make California figs In California agriculture, the great thing that we are today. [MUSIC]
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