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On your mark, get set, cook! Our friends at Food and Wine Magazine are helping us put some top chefs in the spotlight. Food and Wine Magazine recently na- Named him one of the nation's top ten best new chefs. What we're looking for is people who we think are going to change the culinary landscape. [INAUDIBLE] It really is good. It's extraordinarily good. Fried artichokes. These are fantastic. It's beautiful. Absolutely, they're fantastic. It looks beautiful. It's gorgeous, isn't it? Oh, this looks perfect. This is not fair! This is good. This is beautiful. I like this. Food and Wine has put together this fantastic list of 100 things you must, absolutely try. [MUSIC] They want people to go into the kitchen and go, "wow, what a great new kitchen you have." You have four people at a restaurant table and you don't know what to order- This is the way to go. And it's something that's really focusing on the wine and it's happening in a big way here in Kansas City. Grill for Good is an initiative created by Food and Wine magazine. We're excited to support. To win it all. A feature in Food and Wine magazine, a showcase at the annual Food and Wine Classic in Aspen. Yes, we're in Aspen here. The 25th anniversary of Food and Wine. This is the 18th year I've done this. This is life-affirming event for me. I think I've been here either 21, 22 years out of 25. It's getting better every year. Everyone has been so excited to be here. And there's been such extraordinary wine, such extraordinary food. Wine has just become that much more of an important presence at the classic. It's just gotten so popular and people wanna enjoy great food and wine. It's as simple as that. [MUSIC] Yeah, yeah. Oh, I'm feeling better now. Break a new sound, I got the [UNKNOWN]. Oh, I'm feeling better now.
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Food & Wine Media Reel