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[MUSIC] Favorite street foods in Austin. Anything from Eastside King. I had the Via 313 pizza the other night that was kick ass.>> Gordo's is fun if you want to give yourself a horrible injection of cholesterol, but totally worth it. Love balls With the taco yaki. I love the Sid Vicious truck just for improbable crazy, gastro truck fair. Food trucks, street food in Austin. I mean, this is the city that pretty much invented food trucks but let me see my friend, Paul Key, have you ever heard of him? I don't eat at a lot of food trailers but the two that I do like are Melvins, over on North Loop A killer pastrami. He runs out super early. It's great. That's kind of like when I get off of work and the sandwich I want, you know, to take home and like sit in the park or have a beer with is alway Melvin's. And for night time stuff, [INAUDIBLE] off Mainer road on the East side. They hand make their pasta to order, and they're doing it out of a trailer. It's a really, really cool place. [MUSIC]
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