Five Wine Enjoyment Tips

Improve your wine enjoyment with these easy tips from master sommelier Alpana Singh.

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[MUSIC] Here are my five tips to increase your wine pleasure immediately. First and foremost, we often drink our reds way to warm. Room temperature for many of us could be 75, as much as 80 degrees. By chilling your red wines just a little bit bring it down to say 55 or 65 degrees, you're gonna enjoy just a lot more fruit. You're gonna notice that there's lots of what we call a bite and the acidity won't be as persistent. So my first and foremost suggestion is to chill your reds just a little bit for maximum enjoyment and that is something that is quick and easy to do. Number two, I would say invest in a decanter. I often get asked about wine aerators. I think a decanter is just as effective if not more. Plus, anything that goes into a decanter automatically looks more delicious. Number three is. Really nice stemware and so I save by the best glasses that fit your lifestyle there are specific wine glasses that are for specific grapes but the for that I will suggest that you should have in your house is a champagne flute a little bit whiter as supposed to the saucers. So whiter in the sense of it almost looks like a smaller white wine glass. But a traditional flute will do just as nicely. An all-purpose white wine glass that you can use for anything. Whether it be white wine or red wine, just simple enjoyment, whatever it may be. There's also the burgundy shaped glass, which comes out a little bit wider. The burgundy shaped glass is designed for wines like Pinot Noir, where you want to enhance the aromatic nature of the selection. The other and last one is a Cabernet Sauvignon or a bordeaux glass, which has a high side. And so what that does is you're swirling the wine, the wine goes up and then it shoots back down. Another thing that you can do Do is use your cell phone. I know there's etiquettes out there of don't bring your cell phone out at the table. But quite often when we do enjoy a wine we'll write it down on a piece of paper and by the time we're ready to go to the wine shop that piece of paper is missing. So what you can do is actually take a photo of the bottle and that way you have it and it's a nice convenient place and let's just hope you don't lose your cell phone. [LAUGH] And then my fifth and final tip is to just be adventurous. You know, it's nice to have your favorites and you'll always have your comfort classics. But really the best way to enjoy wine, just like the world of travel, is to get out there and explore. And so there is over a thousand different grape varieties out there, and I suggest you have an opportunity to get to know them all. [MUSIC]
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Five Wine Enjoyment Tips