FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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So here we go, folks. We are gonna start with a little olive oil and we're gonna season real simple with salt and pepper these little medallions or tournedos, if you will. Of flame and young. Sort or press and seasoning in there. Kinda flattened it at the same time. We gonna begin to start stirring this. I'm gonna season the other side with salt and pepper as well. Cause I don't like one-sided taste in food. [SOUND] Searing them on each side. Sort of rare to medium rare. Is that all right with everybody? [INAUDIBLE] We're going to take the meat out of the pan. And we're not going to worry about. [BLANK_AUDIO] What oil is in there because the mushrooms are going to absorb it anyhow. So we are going to add the button mushrooms, and at this point you are probably going to need to add a little bit of You can see they just absorbed all the oil that's in there, so they're going to need a little help so we come back. You don't have to panick, just going to add a little bit more olive oil in here and I'm going to add some shallot and some garlic And believe it or not, it's now when I'm going to add the Cognac. All right, so we get that all evaporated and here's what we do now, is we're going to get Dijon mustard and, What I was talking to you about earlier. See how I'm working this mustard in here because if you don't do that, you see how you get sort of these little beads? Cuz I'm gonna add a little cream to this. And you want to just sort of work that in there which really sort of becomes like, you know, an emulsion if you will. No beads. Demiglace next. [SOUND] And then you can add the color that, if you want it darker. I like sort of this light color here Let's let's juice it up with a little hot sauce. There's just something about Worcestershire, don't you think, that's just. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna add a little butter to this, and I'm gonna add Some parsley and green onions. That's gonna mellow it out. And then we're gonna just put the meat back in here, folks, for a second. [BLANK_AUDIO] You wanna let it reduce a little bit. Because now I'm increasing the temperature at the same time. Beside that the meat is just like [SLURP] just absorbing all those great flavors in here. Those are now just about nice and rare to medium rare, so then we're going over the hatch, as they say, with the sauce. We probably want to serve some potato with this, wouldn't we? So basically that half over there is me. [LAUGH] This half over here is Lawn and then if we could only auction this dish for charity. [LAUGH] We'd probably get a couple of bucks for it.
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2