FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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Tapenade in the south of France come from the word tapeno. Tapeno is is a is a caper in old Provencal language. So I'm saying that because very often people don't even put capers in the tapenade. So I've got a cup and a half of black olive. Those are oil cured olive. Pitted, of course. Okay, about a couple of tablespoon of capers And about six, six [UNKNOWN] of anchovy filet. And I'm going to put a couple cloves of garlic in there. And the secret ingredient that I do for me here is I put a couple of figs. Dry figs. So here is about 3- Bring them over here? tablespoons of olive oil. Okay. [SOUND] So we have like. (- Did you put?) what you call bagel, bagel chip. It is very good. Did you put mint in there? Why forget the mint? Aw. Okay. (- You can do it./g) I'm gonna add a little bit. We add the mint, the mint and And the thing is. Now we can do. The ingredient I forget. Now I am going to chop it up. Well a bit of the mint on top here. Good with a here. On top that. On top of the meal is going to be a taste sensation. [SOUND] [LAUGH] That's good. [APPLAUSE]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2