FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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Today we're gonna make food that's, the word is perplexing to the staff so much so that they've decided to call it the Pleasures of Hidden Tuscany. It's actually the food of a place called La Galfaniana\g. Which if you look at a map is no more hidden than the city of Florence. It's right there in the middle. So I am taking a pork leg, a raw ham, I've left a lot of the skin on it, the fat that goes underneath that is superlative and delicious and will melt away. I have marinated it overnight in red wine. What you should start cooking with is what you wanna start drinking as soon as you possibly can so. So I've taken those four pieces and cutting into two Two or three inch pieces, and we're going to brown them. Now, I'm going to take a little extra virgin olive oil. Now, I cook with extra virgin olive oil. The best one you can get, this one is by Barilla, who I love. But it could be from anywhere. And most importantly, you just want it to have a really good flavor. So, in the browning phase you can't over-estimate the importance of actually browning it. That's going to create the rich, deep intensity of flavor Spend a lot more time on this than you normally do. It's worth it. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna strain out the marinade and we're gonna add a little bit of it raw. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then we're gonna take the rest of that liquid And all that stuff, just like so. About a cup and a half of water, and we're using water right now a lot in my restaurants to deglaze the pans. It's less complex, and yet it sings more. I'm gonna add a cup of olives, toasted fennel seeds, which is the big spice here. And I'm gonna add about a tablespoon or two of tomato paste. Now I'm gonna bring that to a full boil, covered, and then I'm gonna lower the heat. Ooh, baby is that looking good. So and there you go, there you get an idea of what's going on. There's that deep, no stock, no brown chicken stock, no nothing. That's just the fact that we browned it really well, and we used that wine. I'm gonna lower that heat I'm gonna just uncover it a little bit because we want that liquid to reduce a little bit. That's gonna intensify its flavor. So this will allow those vegetables to kind of lose a little bit if their weight. Their liquid will go down. It will create a thick, dense sauce. Now, when I make something, in the restaurant business, and I want it to be delicious. I'll put herbs in at the beginning and I'll put flavorings in at the beginning. That will become pervasive throughout the entire liquid, particularly in a braise. Then what I like to do is create something that we call a he-he in the restaurant business and in this case, the he-he is just going to be a little parsley, then I'm going to take a little raw onion and a little bit of those toasted fennel seeds and I'm going to sprinkle it over that port when it's done with just a little olive oil. And what that's going to create, Is this super high note. If you listen to jazz or listen to music in general, there's a hi-hat which is [SOUND] which has almost no bearing whatsoever, until you realize that it's not there. And it's that high note, particularly even in food that makes something so delicious. And it's this that will do that. Two drops of that. Two drops of that. [LAUGH] What? [LAUGH] Was that more than two drops? And what you're gonna do is you're gonna pile a couple of pieces like that on there. I'm gonna take some of those olives and that [INAUDIBLE] that was in there, and I'm gonna pile them right around the base. And then I'm gonna take a little bit of that heehee, that you put a little bit of something like that on top of it. And that little salad will transform this dish into something not twice as good, but just a little bit better. Cuz you're gonna taste all of those flavors through the full spectrum, from the raw to the totally muted and cooked. And of course Italian gravy, coming up. A little drizzle like that, silence. And there's that dish. [APPLAUSE]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2