FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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This is a halibut, alright? Season your fish, guys. Fish does not come seasoned. And smell your fish, too. It should smell like that. Nice and fresh. We have our master mousse. Thank you. Once again, watch out for the blade. Chance, what do we wanna add to this one? What are you gonna add to this one? [INAUDIBLE] I did? I did lemon juice I thought. Didn't I? No herbs? Really? It doesn't need them. This halibut I love but halibut is not a fatty fish, so Yeah very nice, and because it is not a fatty fish when you add a wonderful mouse like this on top and cook it with the mousse. Thank you. It becomes a very luscious piece of fish. All right, and what we are going to do is just you pan sear to get a nice color on it. And you toss into the oven. And these pieces aren't that thick. So about probably eight minutes, total, they'll be done. Hot pan, a little bit of oil. Cook them shrimp side down first, okay? Nice color on them. All right? Flip your fish. How does that look, right? Isn't that nice? All right, now this goes into the oven, 450-500 degrees. Oven roasted, the butter melts, into the fish. It's absolutely luscious. Asparagus, hold it in the back, not here, but back here, and just break it. That is where the tender spot is. This is tough, you can use it to make stocks This is the tender part, all right? You never cut the first cut of an asparagus, you always break them. All right so, but don't hold it here because it'll break there. Hold it towards the back. And that's good luck in China. [LAUGH] Expertly blanched were these asparagus by James that, [SOUND] I'm chewing with my mouth open, if you can hear that. They're still crunchy. You want crunch on your asparagus. And they taste good cuz they're seasoned. And you can tell they're greener cuz you use salted water. And when you blanch them, make sure you have immediately a big bowl of ice water. Cuz you take them out into the ice water to stop the cooking. If you just strain them out, leave them on your counter, go boom, answer the phone call, do two emails, do an IM. Cuz IM sometimes is better than texts or emails cuz emails aren't as fast as IMs. Then your asparagus is overcooked and then I'm just gonna cut them in half. And I'm gonna make a very simple vinaigrette guys. Sambal, sambal alek or large yeo. A little bit. Very spicy, here I am going to use the wonderful sea salt. You see guys, how that's salt cuz I like texture. I mean this salt is. It's crunchy, it's awesome, all right. I don't really need much pepper, oh cool, pepper grinder. [SOUND] And then, chef's pick, next, extra virgin olive oil. So that's it. Gonna just take 17 pieces. [LAUGH] Plus or minus. Lemon juice goes in the vinaigrette. It wouldn't be a vinaigrette without an acid. [BLANK_AUDIO] These ready? [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Good. Don't those look good, guys? Yeah. So simple. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, put that on top like that. Um-hm, I tell you. And then if you have a little bit, which I do, a little bit of extra vinaigrette in here, you take that. There you have it, guys, shrimp crusted halibut. [APPLAUSE]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2