FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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For those that have seen Simply Ming, it's based on a master recipe. It could be a mango salsa, it could be a cranberry teriyaki glaze, it could be shrimp mousse. And the idea of the book and the show, is probably, actually this usually applies when I say it, but this group may not The statement is most of you probably work for a living, and then probably half of you don't so congratulations. [LAUGH] Very nice. I wish I would be in those shoes one day, I hope, and most people have more time during the weekend than during the week. So by making a master sauce during the weekend, like the teriyaki or shrimp mousse, you can then easily put tasty food on your table without, All the chopping and stuff, cuz you have your master flavor base. This one's a little different cuz it's a protein. Most of the master sauces are like a black pepper sauce or things like that. But it does work for this mousse. I'm gonna make a very simple shrimp mousse, really east west cuz it's French technique and Asian technique. You can use any types of shrimp. Smell your shrimp. Should smell like the sea not fishy. These are great these are the wild shrimp that we have down south. Which have been wiped out obviously Katrina, so the fact that they can actually get shrimp together and get out there. They don't even have 20% of their fleet out like they used to. So if you can support that. I also work with tesher shrimp as well, obviously they under my show, but in this instance we gotta support everyone down in New Orleans and Mississippi and what not so everyone here should be able to give back cuz if you can afford to see me inside cook then you can afford to give some money. [LAUGH] Kosher salt, not because I'm Jewish, cuz I'm Chinese. But I do have a lot of Jewish friends so in honor of them, just kidding. Kosher salt Because you can grab it and feel it, has a better [INAUDIBLE] than the iodized salt. Iodized salt tastes like iodine, so don't use it. I mean it's good for driveways and kosher salt's great. All the wonderful flora cells and malden salt, from all over the world, that's awesome on salads. I would never cook with it cuz, again I'm Chinese, it's so expensive. Why waste it on a piece of fish and cook it cuz then all the texture Is gone. Use it at the very end to season so you have crunch. That's freshly ground black pepper. We have. [BLANK_AUDIO] Eggs. Jesus Christ, guys. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Woo! Okay. Wine's kicking in. [LAUGH] Eggs. In the Chinese shrimp mousse, it'd be egg white. Some parts of China they actually lift it To make it even lighter and that's it for Chinese trip news. We're not in Chine we're in Aspen! And I trained in France, so we need the beurre, butter. [LAUGH] Yes this is in honor of you Julia. Oh so much butter, I love that! Add the butter last. Get the mousse really smooth. We're gonna add a little bit of truffle oil. Buy truffle oil, very expensive, 20, 30 bucks. Just when it's smooth, add a little bit in, not too much. All right, then the [UNKNOWN]. [BLANK_AUDIO] Now this is a patented move that you have to do. It's called the Ming Lean. Now serious, the reason I'm doing this is there's centrifugal force here. Don't turn it upside down, the blade could come off. But by doing this, it gets the butter To incorporate it all the way and then you bring it back. So that when you do this you don't have to open it up. Now, you never wanna puree the butter smooth. You want little pieces of butter. All right? So there's little pieces. Reason being, when you cook it, cook a mouse or cook a pastry crust, that butter melts. It flavors but leaves air pockets. And that's how you get a very light mousse or a very light, flaky pastry crust. That I didn't make up. Now. I like to take a little mousse. I season this, right? I'm gonna now make shumai and halibut and shrimp toast. And I'm gonna do all that. And then if I didn't try the mousse and it wasn't seasoned enough All my dishes are gonna be bland. So try your base [UNKNOWN]. Try your gnoshes, try whatever, try your sweet and sour sauces, make sure it tastes good, cuz that's really the foundation of the flavor. This is actually when a microwave is great. In a microwave, six seconds, the mousse is cooked. You can try it and it's easy as well, that's very important. I also know this [INAUDIBLE] tastes pretty well, but we're gonna go through the motions, we're gonna try it. Let's make sure we did alright there. Chef's have, we have asbestos mouth for some reason. Oh, God. That's awesome. [laughs]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2