FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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The next recipe we're going to do a kind of margade, which is a lamb sausage that is done in North Africa. I do a mixture of it. It's pretty hard to buy, so I mix it with the ground Italian sausage, which is very easy to buy at the market. And we ground that in the, I have about Not often add it, but almost add enough of the ground lamb and italian sausage. The italian sausage, you can pick up whatever you want, so you be sure that if you pick one which is very highly seasoned. Then you calculate that you, you don't put too much salt or whatever in it. But this one, this one is not seasoned So now, I'm going to give you some paprika. [UNKNOWN] Yeah, that's paprika, that's good. Cumin, you know, cumin in there. Of course, the salt. You want me to, a bit a bit of pepper. And cayenne, right? And cayenne. Do you use the elder Provence? No. No. No. That's cayenne in there and maybe a bit of garlic. So let me crush a bit of garlic here. That's it. See if you can do it ahead so you have a nice seasoning. I mean the seasoning of [FOREIGN] from the pheromone of paprika, to the pheromone of cayenne and [FOREIGN] depending on how hot you want it. And now we can brown this. You don't really have small sausage like that, you don't really have to put it in a In casing, you know. You can do it like a little hamburger if you want. Roll it like that. And after, roll it the long way to do a kind of sausage, you know. And we put them to cook. Okay, so how many people do we have here? [LAUGH] Oh, we got four. [LAUGH] Okay. See, my sausages here are doing pretty well, too. You wanna cook that You know all the way, that have to be dehydrated but remember it's pork must see. So I'm going to show that up and leave them here. Look how good it been. Oh, I'm sure. Taste them. Yeah. You want more? Oh that's really good. That's a very good vegateble.>>Yeah>> [LAUGH] Anything we like we call a vegetable. So>> [LAUGH] This is nice to do it into lettuce cup like this, so you put that in there. You put a little bit of red onion if you want on top again. Of finally Right on the onion, you know. [LAUGH] Okay, here is cilantro. Do you want me to cut this one too? Yeah. Cilantro in there. So here we have the sausage- [LAUGH] The sausage with a bit of cilantro and red onion. Sometimes those red onion, I do a brine. So I cover them with salt, a bit of sugar, water. And I leave them brine for an hour or two. Now you drain them out and they are kind of a, you know, like an onion in brine. And you put them in there, they're very good too. But this is brined this way as well. [APPLAUSE]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2