FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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We roast chicken all the time at home and I call this Lizzie's roasted chicken, cuz is the chicken that my wife roasts, not this particular chicken, but her recipe.>> [LAUGH] The night before I cook the chicken at five time, I season it with salt, a little pinch of sugar, any spices I want to put on there and I put it in the fridge and I let that sit for 24 hours. The next day I kind of rinse it, pat it dry, and then I start to cook. Next thing that's very important is you need to let your protein sit out for about an hour or so, or just to get that up to room temperature, take the chill of before you cook them. Now the next thing that we're gonna do is I take a lemon, nice thin slices of the lemon. Soon as you can get them, you can do this on a Mandolin, you can do it with a knife, whichever your comfortable with, we put the lemon under the skin both sides, and under there, and then, I have some fresh bay leaf that I'm gonna put under there. You can put sage, you can put rosemary, any herb that you really love, I love fresh bay leaf. And what this does is as our little friend the chicken is cooking, those herbs and lemon start to render out and they just perfume the chicken as it cooks. The next thing that we're gonna do is we take another chunk of our lemon, and some bay leaf, and we stick it in the cavity, take some thyme and stick it in the cavity. Get in there. Onion and garlic, all goes in. Now, in onions, in garlic, in lemon, in herbs, there's moisture so as this cooks, it's doing two things, it's releasing it's moisture in to the chicken which helps keeping it moist and it's also adding flavor obviously. So I'm going to hit it with a little bit of oil. It's just olive oil. Rub it in. Then I put this is 425 degree oven. And here's one. So here we go. We have a chicken. I do a couple of these so I can have a couple meals out of it. [APPLAUSE]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2