FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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What do you think we should start with? We're gonna start with this so that we're gonna start with dessert. We're doing a beautiful little chocolate dessert, like a little chocolate souffle or cake. Very soft in the center, very liquid still. And we're using- We're using 82% Scharffen Berger. If you can get your hands on it, then you would like to cook with it. I think it's an excellent idea. So you put your chocolate in there. What else do you put? You know what, this is really easy, we're going to do four tablespoons of butter. A good dash of vanilla in there. And notice that I'm putting this in a Pyrex thing, because I am then going to put it into the microwave. Sugar. One tablespoon of sugar. One teaspoon of corn starch. I hope so. Good. So that goes one minute in the micro wave. And we're going to put this in those aluminium foil you know which are lined up with buff and bafery here, so you don't really have to do anything to it. She breaks the eggs the right way. Don't break the eggs on something sharp on the side because if you do like this, why because you put bacteria into the egg or break the yolk. We are Don't Enough. It doesn't matter. Here. [LAUGH] So you break it on something flat like this, and then open it. Okay, so now I need two eggs and two yolks. Right, so take three yolk out of there. [LAUGH] And break two more eggs? No. Ok take the four yolks out. [LAUGH] Let's do it the simple way. [LAUGH] Then you pour half of the egg white in there. No Titil it's okay! [LAUGH] Look at that. One, two [LAUGH] No. Three, I'm gonna change the microwave. Four eggs, [LAUGH] One, Oh, thank you. Okay, that's perfect here. [LAUGH] You have two eggs, two egg yolks. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGH] One minute in the microwave is perfect. And then give it a stir, because it's gonna get nice and creamy, and it's gonna cool. Yes, the egg is going to thicken it. So that's it. You have enough for a good four cakes, maybe five. Okay. The souffle is in the over? The souffle is in the oven, and it's timed eight minutes. Eight minutes, yes. You want to undercook those souffles so that they still can run inside, you know. The souffle must be ready. The souffle is ready it's still [UNKNOWN] it should. Okay we can see here the center of that can should still be liquid a little bit. Is it slightly more liquid yesterday, maybe one minute left. So you could un mold them now, but we let them Cool al little bit. Okay, so what I'm doing here is making a little bit of sauce for the cake. Yes. So, a good apricot jam. If you can get the chunky one it's better, and we use a little bit- Or peach even. Peach, or whatever you like because there's no culinary prisons, so use whatever jam you like. Dilute it with some water and if you want, some Grand Marnier. And then you mix it and we'll do the cake. Did you add lemon juice in there? I did, I added lemon juice. It kind of brightens it up and it's nice for the acidity. What you could put maybe is a [UNKNOWN] of the skin of your lemon here. Okay. Do a couple of those. [BLANK_AUDIO] Nice. And zest it. It's a bit more [INAUDIBLE]. And now you want to unmold the cake, like this. Two, three. Four. Okay. A little bit of sauce. Orange will go well with it. You could out orange marmalade, you know. That would work because. Blah. Well, you don't like orange, but. I like orange juice. So just a touch in the center, and maybe we'll put A dash of mint on top here. Little bit of sour cream or crème fraîche or whatever you would have. We generally would like something that's less sweet. We wouldn't do something like a whipped cream or so on, we're just kind of traditional. That's it. You want it to balance some of that acidity and sweetness. Look at that here. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2