FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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I have some grape tomato here. Put bread in it, you know. And you better look at the [UNKNOWN] to know what I have in there. So. [LAUGH] You need parsley. [LAUGH] Pepper, we have ground pepper. A good amount of nice olive oil there, you know? We also have a virgin olive oil. [INAUDIBLE] We have a head of garlic. Okay put some parmesan cheese in there to thin. Okay Okay I'm putting like a good two cloves of garlic. Let just ask did you prep, did you put salt and pepper I put salt and pepper in salt in it. I have 500 witness. Okay garlic I have parsley in there?>>Yes>>No?>>Well let's put some anyway.>> [LAUGH] So we have tomato, we have bread, to absorb the juice of the tomato. You have all of this, so we mix this together. And then we put that in a gratin dish, you can do that ahead of course Beautiful rattan dish. Look at that. That tray- No. I had a tray. A little more cheese on top. Here and there. And go to the oven. First dish, and finally you have that rattan of tomato As you can see, the tomatoes are soft. Watch out, because they kind of pop in your mouth and you can burn yourself. But if you do small individual gratin like that, the bread is really crunchy. You have cheese on top. You can put more cheese on top. You can put a dash of extra olive oil and you have a great, very easy type of tomato gratin. [APPLAUSE]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2