FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2

FW Tasting Notes v2

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This is the curds of mozzarella mixed with cream. And it becomes a burrata when the shell of the mozzarella, or the skin, is stretched around it. It's made with fresh mint, some blanched English peas. What's not in your recipe are some unblanched sugar snap peas. That are just washed, the string removed, and then cut on the bias. And I love to put the sugar snaps along with the english peas because they are just so crunchy and fresh. Fresh cracked black pepper. Can you say that fast? [INAUDIBLE] Cracked? No. [LAUGH] Cracked, cracked, yeah. Kosher salt, some Reggiano parmesan grated into it. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, I'm gonna line the plate with a little speck, which is a smoked- What is speck, Nancy? It's smoked prosciutto. All these, the two cheeses that I'm gonna be using are from a new Mozzarella company called Di Stefano. And out of Los Angeles they do ship. And I think, Mario, you used Di Stefano in Las Vegas, I think, in both your restaurants there. Yes, but when we're in Las Vegas, we call it Di Stefan. [LAUGH] Oh, okay. It's okay. You know, I used to call our restaurant Mozza, Matza, right, I thought Mozzarella always. And then Mario Had to correct me. He let me know it was not a Jewish restaurant we were opening. [LAUGH] But we were opening an Italian restaurant, and in Italian it's Mozza, right? Exactamento. A fresh grating of reggiano parmigiano and, aha. The first dish is done. [APPLAUSE]
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FINAL FW Tasting Notes v2