Farmshop in Los Angeles

When it comes to the best bakery in Los Angeles, Farmshop is a strong contender. Owner Jeffrey Cerciello hails from Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, with stints at both The French Laundry and Bouchon. Here, he created a hub for farmer-driven ingredients, and that's how he approaches the diverse baked good sold here, from awesome chocolate chip cookies and butter croissants to savory cheesy-herb danish.—L.A.'s Maria Nguyen of The Art of Plating (@theartofplating) and F&W's Around the World Network

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[MUSIC] Baking is something that's been around for hundreds of years. We're not making anything new. So it's building on that tradition of croissants, that tradition of bread, the tradition of even the chocolate cookie, that people have been making forever so everyone knows what they like. And we like to make sure that we're able to offer that to everybody. The whole mentality is that we're able to showcase products that are brought to us from the farmers, from the local artisans, from people who have put the same care in what they do just as we do. Something that I enjoy here being able to provide something for everyone every day. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Farmshop in Los Angeles