The Extraordinary Traveler

Are you an expert at the art of business travel? Can you pick the fastest
security line, ignore a sudden loss of altitude or predict a delay? Watch
this video to see if it describes your level of expertise. If so, you are an
extraordinary traveler, i

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[MUSIC] Welcome almost home, none wary traveler. Who just dominated his business trip to the far east. Right now every cloud formation is giving you a thumbs up, as the flight attendant from a human pyramid across the middle of the ile in your honour. You're an extraordinary traveler, friend. The type of traveler that uses turbulence as an opportunity to burp random babies and flight delays to learn another language. You're so extraordinary, you use your neck pillow as an oversized drink cozy on a flight, since you're perfectly programmed to get Zs without it. [MUSIC] Never have you come close to either under-packing or over-packing. In fact the shirt and slacks you're wearing right now are the exact shirt and slacks you thought you'd be wearing right now when you packed them two weeks ago. When your business contacts in Shanghai playfully chided you for not being experimental enough at dinner They finished off two legs of an octopus, and something that resembled the fin of a mermaid. And we're still ready for dessert an hour later. Your wait time at airport security is approximately 47 Been seconds since your plane is always the right plane. And the new TSA full body X-ray scans, you welcome them like a Christmas gift because it shows you where you could stand to lose a few pounds ni the hotel fitness room. Last year when your plane to Berlin had to go into a 26 degree nosedive to regain engine power, if in a book of Sudoku And the entire New York Times crossword puzzle before everything evened out. [MUSIC] You can spot a bag that won't fit into the overhead compartment from about 3.7 miles away. You can find Led Zeppelin's song Misty Mountain Hop on the radio in less than a minute when you first get into a rental in any part of the world. And you figured out a way to earn 10,000 mileage points from buying a fun sized twix candy bar. And here you are. About to land, home sweet home. But you know what? The runway's a little icy so you're gonna circle for about an hour. Of course, you already predicted that which is why you texted your family from your towncar in Hong Kong while simultaneously closing a deal that will earn you both a pat on the back and 20 attaboys when you arrive at the office tomorrow. [MUSIC] Congratulations to you sir. You are an extraordinary traveler indeed. [MUSIC]
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The Extraordinary Traveler