Exploring the Whitehouse

daniel.kleiner from washington dc:
A short and amusing look at the Whitehouse

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Here in the shadow of the White House at Lafayette Square Park. [MUSIC] So we're guessing that there are some secrets in this building right behind me, The White House. I'm standing here with White House Un-Tour Guide, Carolyn Crouch. She's going to give me us the inside scoop. So what are some other things about the White House that unless you took the White House Un-Tour you wouldn't? I know>> Well thing is right now, if you look at it. It looks like you are looking at a two story building. It's not, it's a six level building. There's four levels that you can't even see from here.>>So what do you do actually to get inside the White House, as just an ordinary person so as myself?>> If you wanted to do it get a card [UNKNOWN] member of Congress. And somebody in their office will arrange for us to get a pass so that we can go in. But then you can go on Easter Monday and you could go out to the South Lawn and there is a big Easter egg roll, that you're about to go to. You've gotta stand in line and get a pass and you can go in, roll an Easter egg. There's an Easter bunny there They have snacks and treats for children. So if you wanted to find a president's book of secrets how would you go about getting in the oval office to get one? I don't know. I once went into by that little booth on the roof. And where does that go to? I think I'd try to shimmy up onto the roof, get in there, go down inside and see where I. But I'm assuming the security here is pretty tight. It is very tight. Anyone can break into the Oval Office as Madame Tussaud's, that is. [MUSIC] Come one man, let's go down to Georgetown. You know you love Georgetown. Dude, talk to me man.
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Exploring the Whitehouse