Executive Travel Speaker Series: Renew Your Workday Energy

Andrew Deutscher of The Energy Project offers simple energy management tips to help you make the most out of your workday.

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[MUSIC] You're all living and operating in this most difficult era to work in. Throughout our history. I could say that for two reasons. Number one, there is nobody in here, from the Industrial Revolution, that's gonna argue with me. [LAUGH] And number two, there is overwhelming evidence. Overwhelmed, frustrated, distracted, anxious. In many cases, really at the edge of burn out and break downs. Demand is overwhelming our capacity to meet it. Time is an external resource to sit outside of you. Energy, by contrast, is an internal resource, so you actually have control over it and you can influence it. And not only can energy be expanded and renewed, but you can actually learn to spend it more efficiently. Studies consistently show if you feel compelled to work continuously, which burns down your reservoirs of glucose and oxygen, you will give less than full effort along the way. On average people work about 40% of the time that they're at their desk. We're actually meant to sleep twice in a 24 hour cycle. And even short of the afternoon nap, even just taking a break to step outside of all the busy-ness and renew and replenish yourself is really what I'm referring to as daytime rest. It doesn't really take very long to get renewal. If you think about even in car racing 10 to 15 second pit stops, you know end up being some of the primary determiner for the outcome of a race is what happens when they're not on the racetrack. What could you do for one minute through a breathing exercise or just closing your eyes for a short time or getting out for a five minute walk. And those kinds of things if they're not you're talking about taking a two hour sabbatical from the day. Were you're more energized and more purposeful. It's about the energy that you bring to the hours you're working. That determines your value. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Executive Travel Speaker Series: Renew Your Workday Energy