Executive Travel Speaker Series: Manage Your Energy

Andrew Deutscher of The Energy Project gives tips for managing your personal energy.

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[MUSIC] How many of you would say that in the last two to three years in your life, That the demand is as high as it's ever been. So here's the fundamental question to the work that we do at the Energy Project, and it's this. How many of you expect your capacity, that is literally the fuel in your tank to rise right along up and meet that demand? As everyone in the room said, yeah, naturally the demand is going to go higher. So I have to grow my capacity around it. And part of the assumptions that get challenged is, you know if you sleep an hour more and you take an hour out of the day to exercise, it's counter intuitive but you'll actually end up getting more done cuz you're gonna have more energy. Some of the practical strategies that we've people really come up with is doing the most important thing first For 90 minutes in the morning. And then taking a break and recovering, to eating a minimum of five times a day to keep their metabolism going. To stopping at several points during the day, checking in with what Emotional framework that they're in, utilizing our energy quadrants and what zone they're in, how are they feeling, high positive or low positive, or are they in high negative? And then just bring awareness to an emotion and then be able to step outside of that to be able to renew. If you were to just sit here after this talk for one minute And consciously breathe in to the count of three and then out to the count of six for one minute. You'll feel radically different. Your physiology will be reduced, you'll feel a lot more refreshed. So we've seen very simple things from people taking a ten minute walk in the middle of the day when they're especially pressured. To actually get away from that and go renew. or meetings that have been cut down from hour and a half to forty five minutes because they're better organized and they manage people's expectations to approaching your email as a one thing at a time activity instead of being interment and constantly coming in and out of it. The outcomes of effective energy management are crystal clear. It's, you're healthier, you're happier, and as a result you're more focused and you're more committed. [MUSIC]
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Executive Travel Speaker Series: Manage Your Energy