Executive Travel Speaker Series: Know Your Energy Sources

Andrew Deutscher of The Energy Project explains that to foster higher engagement, it's important to know your energy sources.

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[MUSIC] Theres lots of personal and professional development along the way of competencies. Those are skills and talents What we're really focus here on this discussion is your capacity. Literally the fuel in your tank. The energy required to bring your skill and talent to life. Energy is the capacity to do work. I'm not throwing around energy as some kind of this end term and I would not be really nice to get more done. It is the capacity to do work. If I can help you increase your energy, what am I helping you do? Get more [UNKNOWN] Get more done, but in less time, at a higher level of engagement, with a better quality of life. There's four different sources of energy in the human system. It's not like an automobile that, for the most part, relies on one source of fuel. We require four So what are the four? Well it starts with physical that's the quantity of our energy. It's fundamental. It's how we think about energy. And all these four sources by the way, each of them are critical. None of them are sufficient by themselves and they all have a way of influencing one another so choices you make i.e. less sleep Will play out in how irritable you are or how much focus you have. Emotional is another kind of energy, it's the quality of your energy. So how you feel profoundly influences how you perform. Third source of energy is your mental energy, that's the focus of your energy. The ability to focus on one thing Uninterrupted for a sustained period of time. I'm gonna say it again for those that weren't listening. Focus on one thing uninterrupted for a sustained period of time. How are you doing on that one? That's the one that's most under siege. Over 50,000 energy audits worldwide, the mental energy is the one where most people are feeling it. Endless distractions. Fourth source of energy is the energy of the human spirit. And what we're talking about around spiritual energy is deeply held values and a strong sense of purpose. The feeling that what you do matters to you. Because if what you do matters to you, do you bring more energy to it? You bet you do. That's the energy of perseverance and commitment. And it's the energy that fuels the other three sources of energy. In the work that we're doing with companies, we're finding that the biggest value exchange now today for employers and employees is not around time for money. That system is broken. It's yesterday. The new system is meeting people around this four core energy needs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual so that they are free, fueled and inspired to bring the best of themselves to work every day. [MUSIC]
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Executive Travel Speaker Series: Know Your Energy Sources