As the finale quickly approaches, the remaining chef'testants must create a box of truffles in just a couple of hours.

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[MUSIC] Whoa Oops sorry. To make a chocolate truffle, chocolate has to crystallize. The cocoa butter has to solidify. That's how you get a wonderful texture. It's a delicate balance. Each truffle represents a different person in my life, because it's not just about me, it's about my support group. Work out how that turns out. In proper bon-bon technique, you usually take about two to three days, so This is really going to be a challenge. Up up up! Coming through! The first thing I start to is all my creams and my fusion [UNKNOWN] so I can start emulsifying all my ganaches. Once the molds are coated with white chocolate, I'll fill them with the ganache and then tap them out. Melt for temper time. I do not want to disappoint Monsieur Francois Pier. Being the multi lingual person that I am, I moved to Brazil early on in my career to work at Gallard Patiran Bistro. I'm married a Brazilian woman, totally beautiful woman. A defining milestone in my life was my marriage. That relationship didn't work out, so that truffle is going to incorporate a little bit of bittersweet genache. [MUSIC]
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Episode 9