Episode 7: Dinner Party

A slot machine determines cheftestants' quick fire ingredients; they vie for the jackpot in the elegant dinner elimination round.

When the chef’testants participate in a classic Vegas slots game to determine their Quickfire ingredients, it becomes pure chaos in the kitchen when many of the chefs land on the same items! And Mike is frustrated when gets paired with Robin for the elimination challenge to throw an elegant dinner party – will she drag him behind or will they be able to pull off an impressive dish?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Truest mummy Latin American. [NOISE] Ventures [INAUDIBLE] asian. Truest mummy Middle Eastern. [NOISE] Adventures crunchy asian. Tired. Tired. Italian. And last but not least. Go Ashley. [NOISE] Blue, cheesy, Middle Eastern. There you go. Good luck with that one. So you have your keywords, you have 30 minutes, and full use of anything in the Top Chef pantry. Your time Starts now. Good luck. [MUSIC] Give me some of those. Give me some of those. There's another bowl. Yeah I want some Korean. I nearly think about umami. Umami you know is kind of like an earthy flavor. So, I grab mushrooms. Hey, yo, [UNKNOWN] let me get some of those shiitakes. The team's like, everyone else who got the word umami decides to do the same thing. You're taking all of these? Yeah, I need all of those. I don't really care what people think about me. And unfortunately, it's to the point where you're looking out for number one. Knock, knock, knock. I've french food, I've done moraccan food, I've done greek food, I've done latin food, I do a lot of different cuisines. But, asian? I've never cooked asian food before. I don't really ever cook middle eastern food. It is really not my expertise at all. Right I'm really glad I was in the top four of the last two challenges. Feeling a little bit more confidante so I'm ready for whatever happens next. [MUSIC]
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Episode 7: Dinner Party