BRAVO's Top Chef All-Stars *FINALE* Wednesday 3/30 @ 10/9c – Only 2 All-Stars remain. Finalists Richard Blais and Mike Isabella must cook the restaurant menu of their dreams with their choice of past competitors acting as sous chefs. Who will win?

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[MUSIC] What did they say? They said it was really close, but I think that she stumbled a little bit and she didn't fully regroup. Antonia, very aggressive on the spice. Antonia please pack your knives and go. Okay. I've been here before but it feels worse Worse this time. [MUSIC] I hate to see it happen. I'm just glad to move on. Yeah, I felt bad for Antonia cuz she's worked so hard and she's a great chef, but it's my time right now. This is it, this is the championship round, it's the Super Bowl. I came to win and I'm gonna win. I'm gonna beat Richard, I'm a better cook than he is. Period. Oh, I was hoping she was gonna knock you out of there. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I would rather go up against Antonia, because I've already beat her once, and I think I could have beat her again. I've been here before man. Well, no offense or anything, but I hope you lose. [LAUGH] As I do you. Mikey's stronger competition right now. I came back A different chef creatively, and that's my strength. That's something I always have to my advantage. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned. [MUSIC] Chefs. Congratulations. You've made it to the finale. Really nice work, all the way through. After weeks and weeks of grueling competition, it all comes down to this. Chefs your last challenge contains no twists or turns. What we'd like to see is a glimpse into your future as a great chef. We want you to create for us the restaurant of your dreams. Goosebumps, [LAUGH]. [MUSIC]
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Episode 16