BRAVO's Top Chef All-Stars *Final Three* Wednesday 3/23 @ 10/9c - It's the penultimate episode before the big finale with only 3 All-Sta

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Your time starts now. [MUSIC] It's always those simple challenges that just throw us for a loop. [MUSIC] Starting with canned food is not the best ingredient. I immediately grab like every kind of like flavor that will incorporate into just like a beautiful curry coconut soup.>> Anyone got peanuts. I have peanuts at my station.>> The most difficult thing about the one part challenge is it is hard to do a composed dish.>> It is not like you can see a piece of fish, pull it out, cook your sauce, So, I decided to do a spin on pork and beans using the pressure cooker as my one pot. Now, to braise pork it usually takes about three hours, I'm going to try to cook it in the pressure cooker in 45 minutes. All right, let's cross our fingers. I would love to make a fresh hotdog but now I have to use store bought hotdogs. I want to make this sauce for the curry roast. Sort of German, Austrian street food. Give him some hot dogs, saute them in a pan with some fennel and celery seed, and a little bit of regular American ketchup. Wolfgang Puck's a legend, so I'm nervous to cook for him. But I'm feeling like I can do something here. 34 minutes. [MUSIC]
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Episode 15