The 4 remaining All-Stars team up in one last battle of the sexes before the finale.

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Mikey, Mikey, where you at, dude? Regardless of the boys grabbing each other first, I would have went for Tiffany. She's very calm, very cool, very collected, great technicque. So working with Tiffany, great pair. I'll give you a hand, tomorrow. Me and Blaise obviously were the favorites. The girls know that, we know that. I think if we win this challenge, it's gonna crush them. Want me to make pasta? Yeah. Can you do it? Yeah. Let me make polonaise, you make pasta. Okay Yeah Don't get confused by the technique it's about the plate being perfect We're doing a pork Bolognese with fresh macaroni and pecorino cheese. To make pasta from scratch in an hour is pretty much almost unheard of. So I don't know if I'm gonna get done but I'm gonna work my **** off to get there. How are ya looking over there I'm good man still developing some flavor [SOUND]. I'm disappointed that I didn't win the last challenge, second place sucks but my record for this season quick fire wise has been amazing. I'd love to win this quick fire and just build momentum and spread intimidation amongst the other chefs. [SOUND]. Remember we're only doing a hundred plate, it's really not that much meat. Are you done with this? Yep. We're gonna do seared beef tenderloin salad with lentils and celery leaves. The puree is ready to go. Okay. I'm getting Getting a nice char on the meat. Tiffany's making the chimichurri. It's really flavorful. Everything is cooked in one batch and so everything across the board is gonna taste exactly the same. [MUSIC] I need to To play the hundred plate for the diner and we have four components so plating is gonna take a little bit longer. What's on it? So I start plating immediately. You got water on? Coming down. What were attempting is much more ambitious than what the other team is doing which we refer to us slice and serve. When someone doesn't really know what to do, sear a piece of me, put us out And eye, seared tuna, mango salad, seared beef, mango salad. It's go time. [MUSIC]
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Episode 14