The 5 remaining All-Stars head to the Bahamas, where they must compete against the chef who won 'Top Chef' from their season.

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[MUSIC] Mike, you take your lobsters yet? Yep. Where are those timers? We have two and a half hours of prep. We have everything we need in the kitchen and we are cooking for Bohemian royalty. This is our first elimination challenge. So, the atmosphere in the kitchen today is kinda hectic. We are all running. [LAUGH] No, I'm serious. I'm doing a hash with it. When you hear royalty, I really think of people who've eaten everything, whose traveled the world and, honestly, you don't wanna put up a plate of ****. You got allspice, Antonia? Yeah, it's on the station. 147. Is this the same thing as the old, the old school ones? You wanna toggle the Fahrenheit to Celsius. You know how to do that? Huh? My dish is gonna be spiny lobster with some pulled pork and pickled turnips. I got it. I'm a professional. I think my dish relates well to the challenge because it's got a sense of refinement to it Yeah I'll get right on that. The dish that I came up with is lamb, bacon, brussel sprouts, blue cheese, and hazelnut. It's an upscale dish. It's a dish that you would serve for the king and queen of the Bahamas. Can I turn this oven all the way to 500? Yeah. There's just potatoes in there. I've worked in the Bahamas a couple of times and I'm hoping that I can use that experience. And it helps me. I think the stove's going to be that hot either. My dish is pork medallions and apple chips. Carly, did you ever find a rack? A rack, no. [MUSIC]
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Episode 13