The final 3 contestants—Yigit, Morgan and Danielle—compete for top honors this season.

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[MUSIC] We arrive at the Edison which is hands down the best looking bar in all of Los Angeles. Should I pray for luck and go behind you? [LAUGH] No. Uh-oh. As we We're walking down the glass stairway. I see Chef John and kicking back and having a cocktail. And I think everyone's expecting a twist at this point. A drink is never a drink. Given that it's the finale, I'm ready for it. So yeah, bring it on. Good to see you. You look surprised to see me. Who were you expecting? Your mothers. Yeah. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] It is a pleasure having a cocktail with you all. Coming up as a young cook, I got my **** kicked a lot and it's hard. It's hard coming everyday and having those knots in your stomach, and i'm sure that was a lot like this competition. So, celebrate the fact you guys made it to the finale. I decided to order us Some desserts. [MUSIC] Flaring. Wow. [MUSIC] Look at the consistency on those layers. [CROSSTALK] New port goes through like a dream. Taking around. Like, these are pretty snazzy desserts for a little cocktail bar. I think all three were great desserts, and I think we should meet the chefs that made them. Oh my God. No, no. And medically think you must be one of our past chefs who have been eliminated. You know, I'm thinking wow, they must have had quite a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare these desserts. [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC]
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Episode 10