Emeril Lagasse: Seafood Fettuccini

Emeril Lagasse prepares a fast and decadent Seafood Fettuccini with spicy piri piri sauce.

Emeril Lagasse prepares a fast and decadent Seafood Fettuccini with spicy piri piri sauce at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Instead of just using the [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] of the chili itself what we do is we sort of make it into a little hot sauce that we keep in the ice box. And so we take a little [UNKNOWN] a little jalapeno, a little [UNKNOWN], a little cilantro because the cilantro for me sort of tames it down, or coriander is what it Would be called in Portuguese cook and not cilantro. And we just sort of blend it up. And then what happens is that we have this very, very unique hot sauce here. And it's, it's, it's got a really nice flavor. And there's a lot of things that you can do with it. But for this dish, we begin with Some chorizo. [BLANK_AUDIO] We want to render this down a little bit so we're gonna add a little olive oil right now, and then while that's happening, we've got some very small shrimp from the Gulf, some beautiful shrimp and then mussels and clams. A little tomato, a little garlic, a little shallot. And then of course I have beautiful oysters from the Gulf as well. And some lobster meat. And of course some stock. And then we're gonna just kinda do this with some we have a homemade pasta here, an egg pasta. Which is gonna cook very fast, a lot quicker than dry pasta. Alright, so here's what we're gonna do. We are gonna go with some shallot, and certainly as much garlic as possible. I want to then add the tomato, let the juice come out of that as well. Now that we got this layering thing going on I'm not going to add a little pepper yet. I'm just going to add some salt though. Cuz I don't know how much and how spicy to the chorizo is right now. So we'll come back and taste that. And then for me it's about the shell fish next. Cuz they gonna need a little bit of time to just warm up a little bit. Now we're gonna start getting the flavor. Going in this a little bit. So first I'm gonna just add a little bit of the puree puree. We'll come back and add more. And I can see the shellfish just starting to wanting to open. So at that case, we're gonna add some wonderful Clam broth or fish stock, or whatever that you might have. Maybe a tiny bit of cilantro and basil mixture. And that's when I wanna add my shrimp. And you know what? By golly, I'm even gonna season my shrimp! And so we're gonna add the shrimp. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then, oh look at this, let's just turn them over. The shellfish is opening. Now would be the time for us to salt our water. This is gonna be no-time, quick. I know now that I want to add the lobster cause we're in the home stretch. And we're going to add the oysters right now. We're just gonna kind of fold this over. And how hot do you want it? This is when you get to choose. See how the oysters are just about to curl? The shrimp are just perfectly cooked. The pasta is done. We want to slowly, now what we're going to do is just, don't be afraid of adding a little bit of that salt water. It's good for the blood pressure. And then, for me, I have to have more puree puree. [LAUGH] If you've got some cilantro, great. A little parsley would work too. Don't break it up now. Just be ginger with it. Yes! Can you feel all that love? [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Emeril Lagasse: Seafood Fettuccini