Emeril Lagasse: Oysters Rockefeller

Emeril Lagasse makes Oysters Rockefeller at the 2006 Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] We're doing a classic oysters Rockefeller, and I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about that because if you don't know, it's a dish that was created Or so they saw was created in the late 1800s at Antone's restaurant in New Orleans, there's lots of ways of doing Oysters Rockefeller. Being 23 years now in New Orleans, some say it doesn't have spinach, some say it does have spinach Some say it's mostly celery and parsley. Some say it's a combination, so I guess it really depends on where you go, but at the Monaco, we do this New Orleans classic. We do use spinach, and I've blanched the spinach and have taken And squeezed as much of the liquid as possible out of the spinach, and have already just chopped the spinach in little pieces. I've also reserved a little bit of the water that we blanched the spinach in, which is not only gonna be For flavor but also for, it's gonna help with, with color because that's another thing with this dish is that there are some restaurants that use green coloring to sort of enhance it. Maybe that's because of the celery. I don't really know but what we do is we just use. The water from it and it just sort of really works. We're going to start with a little butter and begin with starting with lots of onion, some celery, and Like most creole dishes, we, a layer of flavoring. And that first layer with a little salt to begin, a little pepper, maybe just a little cayenne. In place of that, I'm gonna use a little bit of Creole spice, so what we call the Essence. And next, a little more butter. Right. Well that's what makes it so good, right? [LAUGH] Just a little more butter in there. [LAUGH] You know I never, when I cook and I always use butter like this the first thing that comes to mind is our dear friend Julia Childs. So God bless her Julia I know your up there and I'm using all this much butter as possible. [LAUGH] We are then going to add a little bit of that liquid. As I said, for flavor. And then begin with the spinach. And then, of course, we have to have a little bit of garlic in here. So this is sort of the topping that we're making. [BLANK_AUDIO] A little wine. [BLANK_AUDIO] We are gonna start by pulling this together now with the cracker crumbs. [BLANK_AUDIO] I'm gonna enhance this as I add the cracker crumbs, with a little bit of This Pernod or Herbsaint, which is really gonna give it a very, very nice taste. And you can see I added this at the end. I'm not flambeeing this. I'm adding it at the end because I'm trying to trap that flavor in there, which is called fortify. All right. [UNKNOWN] I'm not gonna fuss around too much more with it. I don't think we need too much more of a [UNKNOWN] and so what we're gonna do now is we have wonderful fresh oysters. And we wanna begin start topping them. So we're just gonna top these [BLANK_AUDIO] I think we got it. So we'll bake them in the oven. [BLANK_AUDIO] And now, while we're doing that, [BLANK_AUDIO] I've got a little rock salt here. [BLANK_AUDIO] There we have it folks, a little Oysters Rockefeller, Delmonico style right there. [MUSIC]
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Emeril Lagasse: Oysters Rockefeller