Making pie dough doesn’t have to be difficult—Justin Chapple’s easy trick uses a box grater to create an ultra-flaky crust.

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Typically when you make pie dough, you use either a pastry cutter or a food processor, but I've got a tip for getting those exact same layers only better, using a everyday piece of kitchen equipment. And it is a box grater. [MUSIC] The trick to this is having really cold butter. I actually like to freeze mine until it's nice and firm. What you're gonna do is hold your box grater directly over your flour, I've added a pinch of salt to it, and you're just gonna grate it. And you'll see your butter start to fall. It's snowing butter everywhere. [MUSIC] Look at all that butter, and then at this point you're just gonna wanna toss it with the flour. From there you're going to stir in ice water. And I like to start with the spoon. And when your dough just comes together you're gonna scrape it out onto a work surface. And just gently knead it until it all comes together and is smooth. Look at that. Look at this beautiful dough. It has all these flakes of butter in it. Flatten it to a disk. I'm gonna wrap it in plastic, and I'm gonna pop this in the refrigerator for 30 to 40 minutes until it's well chilled. When that super cold butter hits that hot oven, That's what releases the steam that creates those awesome layers. And with your rolled out dough you can create any pie you want. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Easy Pie Dough