The Easiest Trick for a Fantastic Steak Dinner Party

Wondering how to buy meat for your next dinner party? Try this tip for the easiest steak dinner you've ever served.

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[MUSIC] Say you have a bunch of people coming over, and you're gonna cook steaks for them. You're probably thinking I'm gonna cook a steak for each person. But you really don't want to be doing that. You're gonna be stressing out searing three, four steaks. It's really hard to juggle all those different steaks and make sure the doneness is right and you sear them right. And you're gonna risk overcooking them. You're not gonna get the sear you want. You're better off getting one Thick, giant, mother of a steak. One awesome steak for everybody. I find it real fun to just focus on one piece of meat. I can focus on getting a perfect sear, I can baste it, season it just right. Cook it just right whether you want to cook it sous vide or in the oven or what. We use sous vide. In the end, you slice it at the table, slice it behind the scenes, whatever you're in to. And everyone gets to share one awesome piece of meat. So instead of buying two thin ones, buy one thick one. Or instead of buying four little guys, buy one big one. Not gonna use these guys. [SOUND] Ooh. [MUSIC] Chef steps. It's getting hot. Hot in the collar. It's just getting so warm. Still rolling. Dude, the heat just picks up at this hour. Point it a little more. Up. Good. What? It feels so good.
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The Easiest Trick for a Fantastic Steak Dinner Party