Visit Dudley Market in Los Angeles

At Dudley Market, a restaurant and shop in Venice Beach, co-owner Celia Barber curates wonderful home products and pantry items that are not only delicious, but are also good for you. Expect to find everyday luxuries on the shelves that are combination of simple, quality, and effortlessly chic. —L.A.'s Maria Nguyen of The Art of Plating (@theartofplating) and F&W's Around the World Network

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[MUSIC] I'm Celia Barber, and I am the retail director and events coordinator at the Dudley Market in Venice. [MUSIC] We want to bring something that this neighborhood didn't have yet. And we wanted to open up a restaurant and retail spot that kind of compliments one another. And you know, not only can you have good food here at our table but you can bring some good food home to your family. [MUSIC] So there's a community grains polenta. It's a dry meal polenta and it's whole grain. So they use the whole kernel of the corn. And it's just delicious. It cooks up really evenly and it's just to die for. The Riso Nero, it's a black rice. And it is a hybrid rice that's been grown on one steep for years, and years, and years. The Binchotan Charcoal is fantastic. We drop the sticks into our water decanters here at the restaurant and they act as little sponges They suck up all the little mycotoxins. [MUSIC]
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Visit Dudley Market in Los Angeles