Dave Matthews talks about creativity, food, and wine, and how the city of New Orleans inspired his new album, Big Whiskey & The Groo Grux King.

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Listening to zydeco and eating boiled crawfish and drinking a cold beer. Those are great emotions. The music is part of my creativity as a must. I would never make wine without music. [MUSIC] Every once in a while, I manage to write a song that is really simple. And on the money. [MUSIC] I think there is a creativity that is necessary for music and there is a creativity that goes into Making god food, but then, I think and that expanse depending on far you go. I know a lot of cooks that are musicians, and I know a lot of musicians who are cooks. For your meal, I've been trying to think of what songs I'll play, and I've been sort of thinking about this setting. And probably a lot of couples here so Trying to sing songs that are romantic or songs that are real quite. [MUSIC] I think I will play a couple of songs from our new records its tonight but the whole experience of being in New Orleans was Was an inspiration for me. [MUSIC] For whatever strange reason New Orleans, even at the darkest times of slavery, promoted people getting together and playing music. The city still sort of lives and breathes music and also food. So both of those things, just being in that city you sorta can't help but taste it and have it inspire what you're doing. [MUSIC]. Every once in a while I manage to write a song that is really simple and on the money, and for me that means it's open enough in The way it tells whatever story it tells. It can belong to anybody. And that a successful way for me to write a song. [MUSIC] And this is our reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, aging in barrels. French, if you want to know the origin of the oak. Of the, oh, French oak Reach out and, you have to listen to that. You see, it's breathing. So what are you seeing in there now? I keep being changed. I thought, I sing a song called Bartender all the time, but it seems like an inappropriate song for tonight anyway. I have a little vineyard in Virginia called Blenheim, and a winery that sits next to it. And we do our best with the conditions that we're given to make wine out of those grapes. I think that's one of the things that I like about a venture in trying to make wine in Virginia, or making wine in Virginia. It's just think everywhere you should make wine. [SOUND] Two of you, and to the event night. It's beautiful. Well, thank you. [MUSIC] I think there's lot of different areas that people can exploit their creativity. Food, and drink, and music. Are pretty central ones and sort of essential for the soul and for survival. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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