Departures Regent - Mediterranean Treasures

Departures Regent 052813 - Mediterranean Treasures

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[MUSIC] Welcome to Luxurious Discoveries presented by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. I'm Henley Vazquez My personal journeys around the globe as a travel reporter and consultant for luxury travelers at Indagare have allowed me to discover unexpected treasures. In this series, I'll share some of them with you. [SOUND] Seasoned travelers everywhere share universal desire, exceptional experiences, accompanied by flawless service. If your travels take you to the high seas, Regent Seven Seas Cruises delivers an all-inclusive luxury voyage that defines cruising as it was meant to be. All suites, all-inclusive luxury accommodations without compromise, most with private balconies. You can explore the world's most beautiful destinations like Florence, Rome, [UNKNOWN] or [UNKNOWN] as you indulge in world-class cuisine aboard Regents Seven Seas elegant mid-sized ships with a maximum capacity of 490 or 700 guests depending on the ship. The enviable staff to guest ratio is one to 1.6. Affording more personal attention. One of the luxurious discoveries on board is butler service included in penthouse suites and higher. Your personal butler will pack and unpack luggage, book shore excursions and spa services, make on board or on shore dinner reservations Or simply serve a quiet and elegant dinner in your suite. They'll meticulously prepare your favorite cocktail or find the perfect poolside chaise lounge for you. If you want to organize a cocktail party on board for some new friends you've just met they'll arrange for that too. Your butler can even help inspire your trip by recommending luxurious discoveries ashore in the most alluring ports of call. Here are a few I recommend. When in Florence visit master artisan [UNKNOWN] at [UNKNOWN] and take home one of his custom leather hand stitched bags or travel accessories. In Positano, savor a cocktail at Lesornusa, and enjoy the view atop the breathtaking cliffs of the Amulfy Coast. Want to get even more relaxed? Visit the renowned spa on premise as well. Enjoy an authentic taste of Rome. Follow the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread to old Roscioli's bakery where the lariano bread filled with raisins, nuts and olives is prepared by three generations of bakers. The Rondini family has practiced the art of cobbling in Saint Tropez since 1927. Visit their workshop and walk out in a pair of one of a kind Tropezienne gladiator sandals, the signature model that started it all 80 years ago. I'm Henley Vazquez. I hope you seek out your own luxurious discoveries when setting sail with Regent Seven Seas Cruises.
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Departures Regent - Mediterranean Treasures