Dave Arnold: Scotch and Coconut Cocktail

Master mixologist Dave Arnold uses coconut water ice cubes to shake his delicious scotch cocktail.

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[MUSIC] I'm Dave Arnold from Booker & Dax and I'm here with FWx Labs and I'm gonna make a drink called Scotch and Coconut from my book Liquid Intelligence. We're gonna take juice, in this case, coconut water. And we're gonna freeze it into ice cubes and use those to shake instead of normal ice cubes. You wanna get one of these kind of juice coconuts. And then just put a hole into it, and then you're gonna put another hole into it for air, like so. And then a lot of times there's particles in it, so I just like to strain it. And making coconut water is as simple as that. When you do it this way it's just super fresh, it hasn't been heated at all. You get a standard ice cube tray, we're gonna wanna freeze them for this recipe, in about one and a quarter to one and a half ounce cubes. Freeze them a couple hours, overnight and we'll use these to shake. [MUSIC] Let's start out with Scotch. I'm using a peaty Scotch here. Use about an ounce and a half. Right. I'm not gonna use any simple syrup in this. I'm gonna use a little bit of Cointreau cuz I don't really like to add a lot of acid to Scotch So I'm just gonna add a quarter ounce of lemon juice. Now the secret ingredient to most of my cocktails is in fact salt. I'm gonna put two drops of salt in. You can just use a small pinch when you're at home. Ready to get our coconut water ice cubes. So I'm gonna take only two of those. Now the key to the juice shake is shake hard. [NOISE] And you want to shake until it completely breaks up. Seal it very tight because it gets very cold.Our coup glass,finish it with a twist of orange.It's gonna brighten it up ,that little bit of orange and then or the aroma I'm gonna float in in it 1 star anise pod.There you go!Scotch And coconut. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Dave Arnold: Scotch and Coconut Cocktail