Danny Meyer: Green Grapes & Ham

Award-winning restaurateur Danny Meyer and wine expert Dan Phillips explore the flavors of a variety of hams and white wine.

Award-winning restaurateur Danny Meyer and wine expert Dan Phillips explore the flavors of a variety of hams and white wine at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] The nuances between these hams are rather dramatic. So are the nuances between the wines. But I actually, for me, my very very favorite thing in the world, if you give me smoke, or if you give me salt, I am a sweet guy all the way. No question at all that a wine, like the Lillypilly, just went with absolutely everything. For me this was just like a big party. I think ham and wine are great and I was just drinking and eating and drinking and eating and drinking and eating. I found very few mismatches of discovery today for me is that sweet and ham just goes good together. Turba Jones and Lilly Pilly just were very flexible, if I was going to go into a store and didn't know what to buy and I was serving a big, yummy, ham whatever it was I'd look for something with sweetness, however, one of my favorite combinations of the whole day, I love the very strange ham, the Black Forest ham. Not strange in a bad way, strange good. Strong flavors and it was very quirky in how it interacted with all the wines, but I loved it with the Rudesheim blanc which typically Rudesheim blanc has pine needle qualities to it. As does the Bavarian Black Forest Ham was one of the great revelations for me. Those two just sung together. I just want to give you one more suggestion right now because we were really, really looking at these wines as condiments today. but guess what, they're actually wines. So, a fun thing to do to the degree that you have a little bit left in your glass. Look at the wine that you found was the most versatile for you Now go back to that wine just as a wine right now and ask yourself if that's a wine you would like to have at home because you've already told yourself that you like it with a variety of chase, because you've had fat, acid, sugar, smoke and salt, all the main characteristics you are going to find in any food on Earth. Well damn I am the end is near We must say good bye, something I fear, but we wanna thank everyone in this crowd for putting their hands up and saying aloud, I love ham! I love ham! Thank you all so much. [MUSIC]
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Danny Meyer: Green Grapes & Ham