Daniel Boulud, Best New Chef 1988

Daniel, NYC

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[MUSIC] I am Daniel Boulud, and we are here and Daniel, the corner of Park and 65th Street in New York. Daniel is quite a special restaurant I see the world classification in a world class city. We try and we do [UNKNOWN] a world class cuisine. New York definitely run America. This is the cultural center of America. It's a vibrant city, I love the energy. In the Bronx, we have one of the largest fish markets there. I will go and see a little bit what's going on. This is sort of the belly of New York. It's quite impressive. I go to Randall Island. I go and hit balls. It's really giving you a break from the stress and the pressure. I think it make you breathe a little bit, get that swing going. I love Balthazar because I love the chef there. I think it very New York energy. In a [UNKNOWN] atmosphere. Make everybody feel good. This is one of the greatest cities in the world. I don't miss New York until I hit the airport. I start to see New York and I start to just function again.
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Daniel Boulud, Best New Chef 1988